Permanent Creasing

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Supercrease Will Increase

  • Your confidence level
  • Your channce of getting hired
  • Your chance of moving to the top
  • Your chance of being noticed

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SuperCrease?

SuperCrease is a permanent creasing solution. Once we dry clean your garment and steam in the creases, we apply a specially formulated resin to creases from the inside of the trouser to make the crease permanent. What this does for the garment is make the crease sharp, so when you wear it, it stands out confidently like its owner

What is the formulated resin? Is it safe to use?

Yes it is completely safe for humans. We have European certifications confirming it is safe. It is odorless, so has no smell.

Do I have to SuperCrease my garment everytime I dry clean? That seems expensive

No. SuperCrease is generally permanent for the life of the garment. However, the company gives a guarantee of 50 washes. It is a one time application that lasts for the life of the garment. Try 1 garment and see how much more confidence a sharp crease adds to the garment.

Once I wash it, or sit on it, wouldn’t the crease disappear?

That is the beauty of the product. Everytime you sit down, your trouser gets crushed and along with it the creases. But with SuperCrease, when you stand up, the garment may crease or wrinkle but the crease will remain sharp. It withstands washing, ironing (recommended heat) and normal wear and tear.